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Why Geisha

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In translation geisha means "artist" or "person of the arts." Among the arts that a geisha studies over time , the most important seems to be the art of seduction and anonymity. Geishas sell dreams, sell moments full of the small pleasures of life, unforgettable moments for men who are eager to evolve.

Through our saloon we try to offer a corner of heaven to future successful men, a place where they can relax and contemplate for evolution, an uppgrade to the best version of their self's, where well-being and discretion are paramount!

Do you want a well-paid and flexible job?

Then you have come to the right place! At our saloon, we offer you the opportunity for important financial gains just by exploring your sensuality. We also have a light program, in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.


The premise of our saloon is: "Make a man happy and he will conquer the world ,and only women have the power to help men like that. Women have the power to give birth to the world." Over time, geishas have become a symbol of perfection. The geisha is not born, you become a geisha, after many years of study and continuous evolution, just like the woman of today, the woman must be art, be the muse and last but not least, women are the beautiful and the river of wisdom and life.