Feeling good and heaving a relaxing moment comes first, but that doesn't mean we can forget about safety! We have taken and continue to take all necessary measures to ensure that both you and our employees enjoy the highest standards of hygiene, safety and health.

Why geisha ?


With us you will feel unsuspected pleasures, in an exotic atmosphere, full of mystery. The saloon is elegant and refined in the interior, to which are added the details of the Japanese style. If you are wondering what's the role of Japanese decoration's , we are waiting for you at a massage session to find out and feel this unique experience on your skin.

About US


Over time, studies have confirmed that erotic massage sessions performed with carefully localized touches influence bodily stimulation, which contributes greatly to mental stimulation. At the same time, the techniques used by our masseuses determine the release of endorphins, which play a key role in strengthening the immune system.



Although over time there have been numerous erotic massage salons in Bucharest, we have differentiated ourselves from all this by high quality services and hiring experienced masseuses. Therefore, tactful touches can relieve negative moods and stress.



Allow us to offer you an oasis of relaxation, pure privacy and a unique connection! Our girls are experts in all massage techniques and will help you reach your deepest desires.


Erotic massage

You will have the opportunity to meet our masseuses in person and decide witch masseuse arouse your deepest desires. Blonde or brunette? All girls are dedicated to the art of massage in all its forms. They will pamper you in a world of sensual touches, tantric music and fragrant massage oils. What do you do if you can't choose? Nothing is simpler, double the pleasure by choosing two masseuses and you will enjoy a duo massage. Sometimes the pleasure is worth doubling.


There is no standardized answer that we can offer to our clients, you can use an erotic massage whenever you feel the need. Either you do it when you want to relax for a few hours, or you do it when you want to give yourself a few minutes of break from the daily hustle. Erotic massage is practically a gift that you decide to give yourself.

Please note

Massages are for relaxation only. Any amounts paid are strictly for massage. Tipping is completely optional, and the quality of our services does not depend on it. All services are offered in our location and in Bucharest